Victorian Flag Notifications Network

The Department of Premier and Cabinet is responsible for notifying Victorian organisations when there is an occasion that involves our national flag and state flags. Flag notifications will relate to the half-masting of flags, or an instruction to fly specific flags. 

View flag notification for Commonwealth Day 2017 (Word 30 KB).

View flag notification for Australian National Flag Day (Word 31 KB).

View flag notification for Remembrance Day 2016 (Word 31 KB).

Notifications are issued for different occasions, including:

  • passing of a significant Australian
  • state funeral or memorial
  • days of national commemoration
  • acknowledgement of an international day.

If you wish to join the notification network, please register via Flag Notification online application form.

Further information about flags and protocols can be found in the Australian Flags booklet: part two.

If you have any queries regarding flag notifications, please email

Last updated on Wednesday, 08 March 2017