Heritage and History Strategy

The Victorian Government is developing a Veterans Heritage and History Strategy to benefit all Victorians, and the generations of Victorians to come.

The Veterans Heritage and History Strategy will support communities to recognise and protect our significant war heritage, so that it is valued for its historic and ongoing role in the social and civic development of Victoria.

What's the scope of the Strategy?

The Veterans Heritage and History Strategy will focus on historic heritage (memorials, buildings, collections) relating to overseas wars, conflicts, peacekeeping, and the homefront, and intangible heritage (practices and traditions) of significance.

It will provide working definitions for war-related heritage and greater clarity for the community in accessing support and understanding the role of this heritage in our communities.

The Strategy will have three key themes:

1. Knowing what we have and what we do, what it means and why it's significant

2. Protecting our significant war-related heritage through identifying reforms, and providing access to knowledge and expertise in conservation

3. Supporting participation in the ongoing expression of traditions, making our heritage accessible to all Victorians

Activities may include:

    • Updating and developing the Victorian War Heritage Inventory, including community participation.

    • Mapping of existing local war heritage and development of a priority framework to identify and protect significant local war heritage, including Avenues of Honour – consultation opportunities.

    • Researching the benefits and ongoing impacts of commemorative activities on veterans and the community.

    • Working with the ex-service community to identify, record and prioritise historically valuable collections.

    • Present a state wide 'heritage roadshow' event to encourage the public to bring along war-related objects to be examined by experts, particularly in regional communities.

How can I be involved?

    The Veterans Heritage and History Strategy is intended to support all Victorians as caretakers of our significant war heritage.

    Email war.heritage@dpc.vic.gov.au to register your interest in being involved in activities, ask questions or provide input.

    Visit facebook.com/VictoriaRemembers to keep updated with the strategy and provide ideas.

Last updated on Tuesday, 14 March 2017