Victorian Veterans Council ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund

The Victorian Veterans Council is responsible for distributing funds for this grant program and the Department of Premier and Cabinet manages the administration of the grants.

The ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund provides practical support to the veteran community through the provision of funding for a range of welfare related activities. Funding is provided to assist organisations whose principal objective is to provide welfare to the ex-service community.

Funding range

The funding for the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund is derived from the proceeds of sporting events held in Victoria on ANZAC Day. Grants will be provided in accordance with the funds available. Grants are paid exclusive of GST.


Not for profit organisations that can demonstrate that their principal objective is to provide welfare to the ex-service community. Unincorporated organisations may arrange for an incorporated organisation to act as an auspice on their behalf.

See the program guidelines for further details including eligible and ineligible projects.

Open dates

This grant program is currently closed. There is one funding round per year.


Opens 19 June 2017 and closes 28 August 2017

Program Guidelines

Previously funded grants


Contact us

Further information is available during business hours from the Grants Information Line on 1300 366 356.

Last updated on Wednesday, 19 April 2017