Campaign Advertising

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Campaign advertising

Campaign advertising can involve state, national and international paid media placement. It is designed to inform, educate or change behaviour of the general public. It requires strategic planning in the area of media and creative services to achieve the set objectives.

Campaign advertising can include:

  • market or social research
  • creative development and production
  • sponsorships/partnerships
  • advertising agencies
  • any specialist commissioned in the development, production and dissemination of campaign materials (i.e. video production, event managers, graphic designers)

How to book your advertisement

Step 1 - Advertising and Communication Guidelines

Please read the Advertising and Communication Guidelines to ensure that any public sector advertising is in accordance with the law, and in line with the State's policies and programs.

Step 2 - Get in contact with your Senior Communication Officer (SCO)

Your first point of contact to discuss anything about the campaign requirements should be sent to your Senior Communication Officer.

Step 3 - Process and Procedure

Your Senior Communication Officer will advise you on the steps you should take when proceeeding with the campaign.

Advertising and communication approval process

The Victorian Government approval processes are in place for campaign advertising. The processes ensure all communication activities can be effectively monitored, evaluated and reported. Please contact your Senior Communication Officer for discussion in the first instance.

Sample booking and briefing forms for campaign advertising are provided below. To obtain current copies of these forms, contact your account manager at (name of service provider) or your Senior Communication Officer in the first instance.   

You may also contact Mitchell & Partners or your Communication Branch for any other information. View the Contact list.

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Last updated on Monday, 24 February 2014