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Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment advertising falls within non-campaign services. It communicates information to attract applications for a specific role or a number of roles for high-volume recruitment. This type of advertising incorporates all types of media which involves state, national and international paid media placement. Recruitment advertising includes:

  • specific role advertising
  • a group of roles advertised within a composite format
  • a high volume of ongoing roles linked to a strategic media plan
  • a high volume of roles linked to a work-force plan
  • graduate, intern or co-op student recruitment drives
  • specific roles advertised in conjunction with Employer Brand initiatives
  • employer brand strategy, planning and implementation across all media channels
  • activation of employee value propositions
  • creative development, production including online content
  • any specialist commissioned in the development and production of recruitment advertising materials (i.e. graphic designers, copy-writers, video production, photographers).

How to book your advertisement

For media planning and advice, please contact ZenithOptimedia. The following provides an overview of the steps involved to book and despatch your advertisement.

Step One – Media planning and consultation

Email ZenithOptimedia and brief them of your upcoming advertisement requirements, including your preferred media, size, placement and dates.

Step Two – Review and approve

ZenithOptimedia will provide a quote based on your brief. This will include confirmation of advertisement specifications, deadlines and choice of media. Take the time to review and request changes if needed.

Step Three – Book your advertisement

Send the approved quote to ZenithOptimedia. This is confirmation to purchase media on your behalf. Ensure you obtain financial delegate approval and signature from within your department/organisation.

Step Four – Confirmation of booking

You will receive proof of appearance after your advertisements have appeared.


Developing and despatching your advertisement

When using the in-house service provided by ZenithOptimedia please follow the process as outlined below:

Step One – Submit

Submit your approved copy to ZenithOptimedia including choice of media, placement and dates.

Step Two – Review

ZenithOptimedia will provide you with a proof and quote for your review. Take the time to review and resubmit the proof to ZenithOptimedia with your changes.

Step Three – Review and approve

Once you have received the revised proof, if further changes are required, resubmit to ZenithOptimedia. If you are happy with the proof, sign off and submit for despatch.

Step Four – Book your advertisement

Send the approval to ZenithOptimedia as confirmation to purchase media on your behalf. This gives ZenithOptimedia official confirmation to purchase the agreed media. Ensure you obtain financial delegate approval and signature from within your department/organisation.

Step Five – Confirmation of booking

On receipt of approved quote and approval of artwork, ZenithOptimedia will book and despatch your advertisement with the relevant media.

Note that ZenithOptimedia provides an Ad Technology service to enable you to self-set your advertisement into pre-determined templates for most media. When using Ad Technology, the production, media booking and approval processes are streamlined into one workflow.

Sample booking and briefing forms are provided below. To obtain current copies of these forms, contact your account manager at ZenithOptimedia or your Senior Communication Officer in the first instance.

You may also contact ZenithOptimedia or Communication Branch for any other information. View the Contact list.


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Last updated on Monday, 24 February 2014