LGBTI Inclusion Plan

The Department of Premier and Cabinet values and celebrates diversity. The LGBTI Inclusion Plan 2016-17 exemplifies the work and progress that the Department is doing to promote an inclusive work environment for all employees.

The Plan reinforces DPC's commitment to reflect the communities we serve. Empowering our employees is critical in maintaining DPC's role as a leader in whole of Government public policy and service delivery.

The implementation responsibility is shared between People and Culture, Equality Branch and the DPC LGBTI Staff Network. Our Inclusion Plan outlines 7 key result areas each with specific goals that specify the lead agency responsible and timelines to enable progress against outcomes to be monitored.

It is our responsibility to challenge attitudes and behaviours that might be adverse to LGBTI inclusion in the work place.

Through the Plan, it is possible to foster a more engaged, respectful work environment that celebrates and acknowledges our differences. These simple actions can result in meaningful change.

Last updated on Tuesday, 19 September 2017