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The Department of Premier and Cabinet is responsible for notifying Victorian organisations when there is an occasion that involves our national flag and state flags.

Flag notifications relate to the half-masting of flags or an instruction to fly specific flags. 

Flag Notification

Day of National Celebration
United Nations Day
Tuesday 24 October 2017

United Nations Day is observed in Australia on 24 October each year to commemorate the coming into force of the United Nations Charter in 1945.

Where there are two or more flag poles of equal height available, Victorian Government departments and associated portfolio agencies are requested that if a United Nations Flag is available to fly or display, that it should be flown on Tuesday 24 October 2017.

The United Nations Flag should not displace the Australian National Flag. If there is only one flagpole available, or there is one flagpole higher than others, or a United Nations Flag is not available, normal arrangements for flying the Australian National Flag apply.

If two flagpoles of equal height are available, the Australian National Flag should be flown in the pre-eminent position with United Nations Flag on the second pole for the day. The United Nations Flag should be of the same size as the Australian National Flag.

The protocols for flying the Australian National Flag can be found in part 2 of the 'Australian Flags' booklet.

The financial and staffing implications arising from weekend flag marshal duties are the responsibility of each organisation.

Recipients of this message are requested to advise all agencies within their portfolio.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Strategic Communication Engagement and Protocol Branch
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Phone: (03) 9603 9935

When are notifications issued?

Notifications are issued for different occasions, including:

  • passing of a significant Australian
  • state funeral or memorial
  • days of national commemoration
  • acknowledgement of an international day.

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Flags and protocols

Find further information about flags and protocols in the Australian Flags booklet: part two.

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Last updated on Thursday, 12 October 2017